Before you cast your vote this time we want you to know a little bit more into the politics of America and a few names so that you can vote wisely. Remember that every citizen must bear their responsibility towards their state.

With that aim in mind this article tends to enlist the most influential politicians in American history so that you can never make a fool of yourself in your peer group.

  1. Andrew Young


Born on January 13 , 1975 Andrew Young is basically an American entrepreneur and the founder of Venture for America.

  1. Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Ann Warren is widely recognized as an American politician as well as an academic who is also the senior United States senator right from Massachusetts.

  1. Angela Markel

Minister, chancellor

Minister, chancellor

Angela Markel is famous as the contemporary chancellor of Germany and also the head of the political party of CDU in Germany.

  1. Mike Pence

Governor, member of congress

Born on June 7 in 1959 , Mike Richard Pence is a renowned American politician as well as a lawyer who serves as 48th and the current vice president of the United States.

  1. Mitch McConnell


Addison Mithcell Mitch McConnell Jr. is one of the senior United States senators from Kentucky.

  1. Nancy Pelosi

Speaker, member of Congress

Nancy Patricia Pelosi was born on March 26 in 1940. She is basically an American politician who also serves as the representative of the United Stated House of the Representative Democrat party.

  1. Donald Trump

Widely recognized around the world – Donald John Trump ( born on June 14 in 1946 ) is the 45th and the contemporary president of the United States of America.

  1. Cory Booker

Mayor, senator

Cory Anthony Booker is an American politician as well as the junior American senator belonging from New Jersey.

  1. Gavin Newsom

Councillor, mayor

Gavin Christopher Nolan is widely recognized as the American politician as well as a business who is also the governor elect of California.

  1. Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Mark Cuomo is the United States politician who is also the 56th and current governor of New York City.

  1. John Delaney

Presidential candidate

John Kevin Delaney was born on April 16 in 1963. He is a politician and businessman of America who is also running for the president of America in 2020.

  1. Justin Trudeau

Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP was born on 25th December in 1971. He is a politico who is also serving as the 23rd Canadian prime minister right since 2015.

  1. Bill English

Simon William Bill English is basically the deputy prime minister and also the minister of finance in New Zealand.

  1. Rand Paul

Randal Howard Rand Paul is an American physician as well as the politician from Kentucky.

  1. Kevin McCarthy

Kevin Owen McCarthy is widely famous as the House Majority leader of America.

Now that you are familiar with these names we hope you can determine your ideological standpoint and cast your vote wisely.